Monday, June 26, 2006

MD - Duncan Simms Ticket Out of the Race

Up until Thursday there were two African Americans Democrats running for Lieutenant Governor of the commonwealth of Maryland. Delegate Anthony Brown is the runningmate of Baltimore Mayor and favorite Martin O'Malley and former Baltimore State's Attorney Stuart Simms was tapped by underdog Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan.

However, on Thursday County Executive Duncan dropped out of the race citing illness and ending his and Simms run for Governor and Lt. Governor.

Duncan who said he recently had been diagnosed with clinical depression said withdrawing from the race was best for him and his family.

The O'Malley Brown ticket, which had been leading in the polls, face nominally opposition in the September primary and can now grid for the tough general election ahead where they will face incumbent Bob Erhlich who has yet to name a runningmate.

Four years Gov. Erhlich shocked many and choose Michael Steele for the post and made Steele the first African American to win statewide in Maryland. Lt. Governor Steele is now a GOP candidate for the United States Senator from Maryland (


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