Sunday, June 25, 2006

TN - Things Getting Ugly Early in Tennessee

Most expected the open Senate race in Tennessee to be very competitive and extremely hard fought. So far that has been the case with tight poll numbers for the Republican primary and for the general election which will include Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. (

Rep. Ford seems ready for the difficulty of this senate campaign, and we suspect he is ready for the potential racism that greets any African American running for federal office especially in the south as Ford is looking to become the first African American US Senator from the south since Reconstruction.

While Ford was ready to deal with the issue of race, he has been saying the issues and problems in Washington, DC have not been caused by people who look like me, we doubt he was ready for attacks on his personal interests and taste.

The national GOP has posted a website called to poke fun at Ford who according to the websites' links likes to go to Starbucks, stay in nice hotels and eat in upscale restaurants which puts him out of touch with the average Tennessean, as if Tennessee doesn't have Starbucks, nice hotels and upscale restaurants.

The point of course is obvious that the young, single Memphis Congressman who likes to attend parties and attend fundraisers with Hollywood stars is out of step with Tennessee values, whatever they may be. The site also tries to paint Ford, a glaring moderate, as a liberal eager to emulate liberal icon Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy and also mentions how much he pays for his suits.

While it is not a surprise the website appeared it is somewhat surprising that it appeared so early. The Republican primary is a tough contest between two former members of Congress and the mayor of Chattanooga and Congressman Ford is bascially unopposed on the Democratic side allowing him to begin his general election campaign months before the August 3rd primay.

So maybe the GOP is beginning to panic a little as the primary gets tougher and Ford's poll numbers remain competitive ( Whatever the reason the Republicans felt it necessary to start the personal attacks in the spring before the November election and before the party has even selected a nominee.

If things are starting this early hold on tight, this is going to be a rough and tumble campaign.


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