Tuesday, June 13, 2006

OH-Blackwell Still Trailing

Ohio GOP gubernatorial nominee Kenneth Blackwell still trails Democrat standard-bearer Ted Strickland.

In a recent Survey USA poll Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell finds himself down by 16 points trailing Congressman Ted Strickland 53% to 37%. The spread is basically identical (with some slippage) to what Mr. Blackwell has been facing. Using a three month trend, based on recent Rasmussen Polls, the Secretary of State has seen himself down by 14 points on average (http://blackpolicy.com/black-races.php?s=OH).

The only poll that showed Mr. Blackwell within 10 points was a Ohio Poll/University of Cincinnati survey released on May 25th which had him nipping at the Congressman's heels by 6 points.


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