Wednesday, May 17, 2006

MN - Don't Sleep on Ellison ...

... Because we did for a minute. Minnesota could elect its first African American to Congress in November as State Rep. Keith Maurice Ellison handily won an endorsement from the state Democratic Farmer Labor party. Ellison led a pack of candidates in the 5th Congressional District endorsement convention on May 6th as Dem candidates fell hard and, by the following week, most were publicly endorsing Ellison as the favored. For the numbers go to

Still Ellison will face an uphill battle in the fundraising arena. In addition, retiring 5th Dist. Congressman Martin Sabo is still moving forward with an endorsement of longtime aide Mike Erlandson, who just looks desperate for a job at this point. If Ellison wins, this would also be the first time a Muslim is elected to the U.S. Congress. Anything is possible in Minnesota ...


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