Tuesday, May 16, 2006

PA - Swann Hurting ...

Here's the BP.org overview of recent polls in the PA gubernatorial race:

Recent Poll (Quinnipiac University Poll May 12)
Lynn Swann 33%
Ed Rendell 55%

Recent Poll (IssuesPA/Pew Poll May 8)
Lynn Swann 29%
Ed Rendell 30%

Recent Poll (Franklin & Marshall University/Keystone Poll May 4)
Lynn Swann 35%
Ed Rendell 49%

Recent Poll (Rasmussen Poll April 20)
Lynn Swann 44%
Ed Rendell 41%

Lynn Swann 36%
Ed Rendell 40%
Russ Diamond 16%

Swann may need to take a look at the Steele model, if the latest Quinnipiac poll is correct. But, depending on the partisan/ideological lean of the institution polling (with the exception of Rasmussen which seems to be the most balanced), we might find some inconsistencies. Still, Swann could be a victim of Bush Fatigue, and he may need to downplay his Republican roots, like Steele in Maryland.


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