Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Key Race of the Moment -- Booker in Landslide

Wow. Polls showed Cory Booker leading the Newark mayor's race by as many as 35 points, but very few thought he would cover that spread over a well know Deputy Mayor/State Senator. But with 89% of the vote in, www.blackpolicy.org/black-races.php, the former City Councilman and erstwhile mayoral candidate Cory Booker is burying Ronald Rice by 48 points.

A nearly 50 point landslide will give Mayor-elect Booker the mandate he'll need for massive change in New Jersey's largest city. Becoming Newark's first new mayor in 20 years Mr. Booker will be greeted with an entreached bureaucracy and gargantuan problems, but the citizens of Newark are clearly wanting change, a new gneration of leadership and a mayor who isn't affraid to rock the boat and think outside the box.

Time will tell whether Mr. Booker is that man, at least 70% of the electorate hope he is.


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