Monday, May 08, 2006

Key Race of the Moment -- Booker May Finally Scale the Mountain

Four years ago heralded newcomer Cory Booker came close to knocking off the king. Booker lost a close and brutal race to longtime Newark, New Jersey Mayor (and State Senator) Sharpe James in 2002 and vowed to return. Tomorrow Mr. Booker may return on a landslide. The most recent polls,, have the former councilman winning in a walk over Deputy Mayor (and State Senator) Ronald Rice.

This election represents a race between the old school and the new. Mr. Booker, a supporter of school vouchers and other middle of road and moderate proposals has railed about the politics of the past and Senator Rice has been seen as a tool of out going Mayor James and attached to the status quo.

It is that status quo that the new mayor will have deal. Poor schools, a stagnent economy, gut wrentching poverty and a horrendous city image will make the job of the next mayor a mountainous task, and tomorrow the people of Newark will select the man to climb that mountian.

Prediction ~ Cory Booker by 22 points.


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