Sunday, March 05, 2006

New Orleans - The Race to Watch

The Mayor's race in New Orleans is definitely the battle to watch. It will end up not only defining the fate of current Mayor Ray Nagin (D) or the hurricane battered Big Easy, but it will be a major test of modern Black political muscle: could the highly displaced African American electorate of New Orleans pull it together and make it to the polls in a show of polling force? And, how important is New Orleans to the rest of the national African American political establishment and mobilization apparatus?

CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll reports:

The CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Tuesday indicates that 54 percent of the city's residents appreciate Nagin's hurricane-response efforts, but only 19 percent said they definitely would vote for him.

The telephone poll was conducted February 18-26 among 804 current city residents, 399 of them white and 311 of them black. The sampling error for general questions is plus or minus 4 percent, while results broken down by race have a sampling error of 6 percent. (
Interactive: Poll questions)


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