Saturday, February 25, 2006

PA - Quarter of Voters Undecided in Gubernatorial Race ...

This is what Rasmussen Reports on a likely Rendell (D) vs. Swann (R) matchup in the Pennsylvania Governor's race:

With the field reduced to two players, the latest Rasmussen Reports election poll shows Democratic Governor Ed Rendell narrowly leading Republican Lynn Swann, the former Pittsburgh Steeler, 46% to 43%. In January Swann enjoyed a two-point lead.

Both Rendell and Swann attract support from a little more than two thirds of fellow party members. Rendell continues to do better with unaffiliated voters and moderates.

But Swann is better liked. He is viewed favorably by 59% of the state's likely voters and unfavorably by only 18%, with 22% not sure. Governor Rendell is viewed favorably by 50%, unfavorably by 39%.


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