Friday, May 12, 2006

MA - Fear of A Black Governor; Patrick Not As Strong, According to Poll

SurveyUSA in conjunction with WBZ-TV (Boston), conducted a poll of 600 Massachusetts adults recently on the gubernatorial race. The results of that poll show former Attorney General Deval Patrick (D) as a weaker Democratic candidate against likely Republican foes - he'd still win, but the margins wouldn't be as strong as Tom Reilly or venture capitalist Chris Gabrieli (who recently entered the race). In fact, recent polls are showing Patrick suddenly behind both Reilly and Gabrieli by a few percentage points.

Massachusetts not so open to the idea of a Black Governor? Watching the brother make headway made the Dem party leaders sweat? One could make that argument ...

Here's the SurveyUSA analysis:

In hypothetical matchups for Massachusetts Governor today, 5/8/06, Republican Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey narrowly trails each of the 3 Democrats she may face in a November General Election, according to a SurveyUSA poll of 521 Registered Massachusetts voters conducted exclusively for WBZ-TV Boston. Independent Christy Mihos finishes third in each match-up. When the hypothetical November match-up is between Democrat Deval Patrick, Republican Healey and Independent Mihos, the outcome today is Patrick 34%, Healey 32%, Mihos 17%. When the hypothetical November match-up is between Democrat Tom Reilly, Republican Healey and Independent Mihos, the outcome today is Reilly 37%, Healey 31%, Mihos 18%. When Chris Gabrieli is the Democrat, the outcome today is Gabrieli 37%, Healey 32%, Mihos 16%. In a SurveyUSA WBZ-TV poll conducted 2 months ago, before Gabrieli entered the race, Republican Healey beat Democrat Patrick by 5 points but trailed Democrat Reilly by 5 points. Healy now trails Patrick by 2 points. Healey now trails Reilly by 6 points. The general election for Governor is on 11/7/06. The Democratic Primary, which will determine which Democrat opposes Healey, is 9/19/06.


Blogger D. R. Tucker said...

"You have to wonder if Massachusetts Democrats feel some subtle pressure to 'ensure' that Deval Patrick wins the September 19 gubernatorial primary now that Republicans in Ohio and Pennsylvania have nominated African-American candidates for governor in those states..."

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