Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pardon the Interruption...Senator Clinton Is Not Invincible...

We have not engaged in the unbelievably premature talk about the 2008 presidential election (until now).

Our eyes have been firmly fixed on the critical mid-term elections that are less than five months away. The mid-term this year is as important and fascinating as we have seen in a decade. It could result in a sea change in American politics or further solidify (or hang on to) the majority the GOP began in the last critical mid-term election in 1994.

However, a recent Des Moines Register poll about who Dems would support in the (unjustified) first in the nation caucuses in January of '08 did caught our attention.

Former First Lady and current junior Senator from New York Hillary Clinton has been without question the front runner for the Democrat nomination. The darling of Clintonites (who would love to recapture the magic of President Clinton) and the mainstream media (who would love nothing more than a Clinton- John McCain or Rudy Giuliani or Condoleezza Rice race) , Senator Clinton has seemingly been anointed relegating other candidates to David like status to her Goliath.

But not so fast say Iowa Democrats giving a known name a stone. In a poll released recently by the Des Moines Register Senator Clinton places a surprising second to the last election's glamour candidate John Edwards.

Mr. Edwards, the Dems last Vice Presidential nominee, leads all candidates with 30%. Mrs. Clinton was second with 26% and the Democrats last standard-bearer and Edwards' running mate in 2004 John Kerry was a distant third with 12%.

Interesting numbers but plenty of time, plenty of time, plenty of time to see if they mean anything.

Now back to our current and more important programming...


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