Monday, June 19, 2006

MI - Poll Shows Affirmative Action Ban Too Close to Call

A ballot proposal facing fall voters in Michigan that would ban Affirmative Action in higher education admissions and government contracts is in a dead heat. A June 9 poll conducted by EPIC-MRA for Detroit News and WXYZ-TV showed that 43% of those surveyed favored the ban and 42% opposed the measure. 15% remain undecided with a margin of error of 4%.

The one point margin probably heartens opponents since similar polls over the last two years saw the measure with a commanding 40 point led and most pundits feel that ballot initiatives must have dominant leads going into the fall when support for any measure usually wanes.

This particular measure had a much larger lead and support (nearly 70% at times) until major public institutions began to come out against it in recent months. Religious groups, labor, businesses and civic organizations began to voice their opposition and speak about the importance of Affirmative Action.

Supporters of the measure, including the infamous California businessman Ward Connerly who has spearheaded efforts like this across the country, say the ban will ensure equal treatment for all.

With a tight battle for Governor and US Senate, and other measures like whether there should be an increase in funding for K-16 education and whether life begins at conception, turnout will be high which will surely impact the Affirmative Action question.

Source: Detroit News, June 14, 2006


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