Friday, June 23, 2006

PA - Swann Campaign Appears Stalled

When Lynn Swann first announced his intentions to run for Governor of Pennsylvania there was a noted buzz across the country. A Hall of Fame performer in the National Football League for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a republican, a first time candidate without the weight of a record to defend he appeared a great candidate to take on what some saw as a vulnerable incumbent governor.

Mr. Swann enjoyed a quick start and even led in early polls over Governor Ed Rendell. However, it seems like the campaign has lost steam and the most recent Quinnipiac Poll shows Governor Rendell leading the the GOP nominee by 24 points and topping 50% in the survey (click here to see the poll results

What may be the most disturbing for the Swann campaign are the favorable/unfavorable numbers. While 44% of the people questioned had a favorable of impression of Gov. Rendell (compared to 22% unfavorable) Mr. Swann was seen favorably by only 23% of those polled.

On the upside of those numbers only 14% had an unfavorable impression of Mr. Swann and 50% of those asked had never heard of him. That 50% and low unfavorable rating may be the key to him making this a race and jump starting his stagnant campaign.


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