Thursday, November 30, 2006

IL - Rep. Bobby Rush (D) Bucking Black Political Establishment in Chicago ...

To the chagrin and outrage of Black mayoral candidates in Chicago (who are now like crabs in a barrel since Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D) pulled out of the race, Congressman Bobby Rush (D) - fresh out of personal financial ruin - gives the current Mayor big-ups for a job some don't think was well done. Fran Spielman writes in the Chicago Sun Times:

In 1999, U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush campaigned for mayor on a promise to end "one of the most corrupt administrations" in Chicago history.

He accused Mayor Daley of making cosmetic changes while allowing major problems to fester and creating a "police culture that permits harassments, cover-ups and false arrests" of young black men.

What a difference seven years can make.

On Wednesday, Rush called Daley a "great mayor" who's done a "fantastic job" and "deserves another term." The South Side congressman said Daley has changed -- and Chicago has "improved substantially" -- in the seven years since Daley clobbered him, winning 72 percent of the vote.


Blogger Shazza Nakim said...

Chicago Politics is so corrupt. I am suspect of anyone running for any position there.

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