Monday, November 27, 2006

IA - Getting Closer to a Black Presidency ...

Des Moines Register reports:

Democrat Barack Obama has sought the advice of top campaign workers in Iowa and has established a seedling support network in this state as he prepares to decide whether to seek the 2008 presidential nomination.The first-term Illinois senator has surrounded himself with advisers rich in experience in Iowa, the leadoff caucus state.Obama has vaulted to the top tier among prospective candidates for the Democratic Party's nomination, even as the new star in the party says he has not made up his mind about running.

Interesting to note here that the first, most serious Black presidential contender in some time is focused on a primary state that many Democrats lambasted as not reflecting the diversity of the national electorate (a conclusion we agree with). Still, if Obama ranks well in a state as lily-White as Iowa, he should expect warm receptions in other primary states with predominantly White populations like New Hampshire.


Blogger The Ripper said...

I gotta say, this business about Obama being a serious 2008 candidate is all a fantasy. Perhaps VP, but there is 0 chance he is our next pres. All this talk is for his book and for the media to sell newspapers (or get viewers)...

10:56 AM  

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