Thursday, November 09, 2006

TN - An Interesting Angle on Ford's Demise ...

Kevin Rennie, Hartford Courant columnist, offers a somewhat cogent perspective on Rep. Harold Ford, Jr.'s failed Senate bid in TN:

This election brought one overlooked blessing. There will probably be less public flaunting of private religious beliefs in campaigns. The voters in one state issued a firm rebuke to that. That’s one way to interpret the defeat of Harold Ford, Jr. in Tennessee. Good Lord, a political commercial filmed in church. Democrats must have sent silence prayers into the ether for relief from that stunt. The voters of Tennessee answered them. Please, let the curse of blunt displays of piety in politics initiated by Jimmy Carter thirty years ago, come to an end. If Jesus had cared that much about politics he would have delivered the Sermon on the Mount in Rome.


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Blogger rtaycher1987 said...

I wouldn't be so sure of that, just because he lost narrowly doesn't mean he lost due to reason X.
X in this case being "public flaunting of private religious beliefs "(Kevin Rennie).

5:44 PM  

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