Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chicago - Jackson, Jr. Pulling Out of Mayoral Contention

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr (D-IL) won't be running for Mayor of Chicago in 2007. His spokesman claims the change in the Hill's political climate influenced that decision as Jackson, Jr. may be mulling future leadership positions in the House. Observes the Chicago Tribune:

Jackson, who scheduled a news conference for Thursday, declined to confirm his decision when reached by telephone."I don't want to scoop myself. Let me wait for [Thursday]," Jackson said.Vincent Fry, a Jackson aide, said the Democratic takeover of the U.S. House added a new element for Jackson to consider as he ponders a mayoral run."The congressman has been out of power his entire career," Fry said, but the changed political landscape in Washington "is definitely something to add to the consideration of whether or not he runs for mayor."


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