Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Good News and Bad News

A pair of polls recently released by Rasmussen Reports and Survey USA gave good news to one candidate running for governor and bad news to one campaigning for the United States Senate.

The good news was bestowed upon Deval Patrick who continues to run a competitive race for governor of Massachusetts. In a survey released by Rasmussen Reports on June 27th, http://blackpolicy.com/black-races.php?s=MA, showed that Mr. Patrick lead a potential general election match up with current Lt. Governor Kerry Healey, the presumptive GOP nominee, by 20 points.

Beyond on that double digit lead the former Assistant US Attorney General for Civil Rights owned the biggest lead against Ms. Healey when she is matched up against Mr. Patrick primary opponents by a couple of points.

The Rasmussen Reports Poll also shows Deval Patrick with a higher favorable rating than any of other major candidates for governor with 54% saying they have a favorable view of him.

The primary in Massachusetts is slated for September 19th.

While Deval Patrick is riding high poll numbers, Keith Butler a republican candidate for the US Senate in Michigan continues to receive low numbers.

More bad news poured in yesterday as a Survey USA poll showed the former Detroit City Councilman trailing Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard by 26 percentage points http://blackpolicy.com/black-races.php?s=MI.

Rev. Butler, the pastor of a mega-church in the Detroit area, must now be worried as the Michigan primary approaches on August 8th and his numbers seem to have stalled or decreased during the summer months. While Mr. Butler never crested 37% in any of the polls we've followed Sheriff Bouchard never topped 50%, until now.

With only 4 weeks until the primary the Butler campaign has a tremendous hill to climb if Rev. Butler is to be the first African American elected to the United States Senate from Michigan.


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