Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mfume Down with Three Weeks Left and Two Separate themselves in DC

A new poll shows that Kweisi Mfume's hope of being a United States Senator from the Commonwealth of Maryland may be just a dream. The Gonzales Research and Marketing Strategies survey showed the former Congressman and NAACP chief down by 13 points to Congressman Ben Cardin (

Mfume, who received a boost this week when Maryland Congressmen Al Wynn and Elijah Cummings endorsed him, is not yet out of the race but will need a massive get out the vote effort in the African American community to win. That major effort is needed to makeup for the lack of support the poll shows he has among white voters.

That major election day push is now feasible with the late endorsement from Representatives Wynn and Cummings, whose get out the vote efforts are legendary in the commonwealth and will have to be if Mfume is to top Cardin in the primary on September 12.

That same day the Democratic primary for Mayor of Washington DC will be held and if a SurveyUSA poll is correct the next Mayor of the nation's capital will be either Linda Cropp or Adrian Fenty (

Cropp, the City Council president and Fenty, Councilman from Ward 4, have separated themselves from the five person field and are garnering the support of 70% of those who were polled.

The race comes at a period of transition for the city creating a new racial dynamic for the next Mayor, who could be the last African American mayor in DC for a longtime.

For an outlook on the DC race click here to a piece on the Groff/Ellison Political Report. (PDF)


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