Monday, August 28, 2006

Blackwell Drops Further Behind

The latest Rasmussen Reports Poll shows that GOP gubernatorial nominee Ken Blackwell has a huge uphill climb to become Ohio's first African American governor.

The poll,, has the current Secretary of State down by 25 points to Democratic nominee Congressman Ted Strickland and suffering from a preposterous Reticence Level of 41% (only 59% of Republicans support Blackwell in the poll). Cong. Strickland, according to the poll, is immensely popular and receiving nearly unanimous support from Democrats (Reticence Level of only 12%) and appears to be on his way to Columbus.

However, as most pundits know campaigns in Ohio are won on the ground and maybe Mr. Blackwell has a ground blitzkrieg planned for election day -- it appears he's going to need one.


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