Monday, August 21, 2006

Maryland Senate Race Still Very Close

A new Rasmussen Reports Poll shows that the race for Senator from Maryland remains very tight (

Regardless of who the Democratic nominee happens to be, either former Congressman Kweisi Mfume or current member of Congress Ben Cardin, Lt. Governor and presumptive GOP pick Michael Steele gives each a run for their money.

Steele is down two points to Mfume and only 5 points to Cardin and enjoys a higher favorable rating than either. The most interesting part of the poll to us however is the support among Democrats that Steele is receiving. Against Cardin 20% of Dems polled said they would support Steele and against Mfume 21% of Democrats said they would vote for Steele. If those numbers hold and Steele finds a way to carve out 20% plus of the African American vote (no small feat) the seat currently held by Democrat Paul Sarbanes could switch parties.


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