Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Candidate Implosion

One bad story, depending on the severity, probably won't end a campaign. Two bad stories gets people talking and slows the campaign but you can weather it. Three bad stories brings the effort to a halt and four, well four is implosion.

Minnesota State Representative Keith Ellison (, a candidate for the US House in Minnesota's fifth congressional district, finds himself in the implosion category.

Over the past few weeks and months the media has covered stories about:

1. The suspension of his driver's license for 38 unpaid parking tickets;
2. 17 moving violations since 1990;
3. The lack of tax payments to both the IRS and the state in five of eight years in the 1990's, totaling over $19,000 resulting in a lien being placed on his house and car; and
4. The late filing of Federal Campaign Finance forms.

While the taxes and tickets have been paid, the steady drip of bad media may cost Rep. Ellison in the four person primary election to be held on September 12th. Ellison shocked the political world by winning the DFL's convention in May and was consider the leading contender to replace retiring Congressman Martin Sabo.


Blogger Rahelio said...

Ellison is nowhere near "imploding." The continual dirt digging on him is having the opposite effect. It helps that everyone knows the attacks on him are by paid republican researchers who feed the media negative information to take him down. The primary will be close, but he will win it.

2:40 AM  

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