Wednesday, September 20, 2006

MD - Ehrlich Wants to Scrap E-Ballots ...

Baltimore Sun reports:

... told the three-member Board of Public Works, which authorized the purchase of the equipment in June and July, that the malfunction was "intolerable" and that she would "hold Diebold accountable" by requiring the Ohio-based company to provide a written summary of the problem by Friday and fix every machine before the Nov. 7 general election in 48 days.That, however, did not sit well with the governor, who wants the poll books scrapped for the November election and floated the idea of convening a special session of the General Assembly to do so."We literally cannot afford to see take place the events that took place on primary day," Ehrlich said. "We were lucky during the primary that there was low turnout."

First: maybe this is part of the problem - there is an expectation of low voter turnout that leads election officials to not take this function seriously. Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich's (R) hard-line, somewhat activist "go-paper" stand may help him slightly in his bid for a second term depending on the Democratic response. However, the Governor's outrage seems a day late and a dollar short.


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