Monday, September 18, 2006

Poised for Victory

In the most recent Groff/Ellison Political Report we said that Deval Patrick's run for Governor of Massachusetts was the "best case scenario for an African American to win a high level office".

The truth of that statement will be decided tomorrow when Massachusetts holds it primary election and Patrick takes on venture capitalist Chris Gabrieli and Attorney General Tom Reilly for the Democratic nomination.

The race between the three has been relatively close with Patrick leading for most of the spring and summer. However, a Boston Globe/CBS4-TV survey conducted last week shows Patrick opening up a whopping 21 point lead.

If that poll is correct or even close and Patrick wins the party nod tomorrow, he would be the overwhelming favorite to win the Governor's Mansion in a state that is heavily Democratic.

In most polls he leads presumptive GOP choice Lt. Governor Kerry Healy by an average of 12 points since June.


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