Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yes He Did

To the chants of "Yes We Can" in a raucous hotel ballroom former US Assistant Attorney General Deval Patrick claimed the the Democratic nomination for Governor of Massachusetts.
Patrick, who glided to an easy primary victory, said he grassroots approach was the reason for his victory and said that a "politics of hope and possibilities" would lead him to victory in November.

With a dispatched opponent, Chris Gaberieli, standing at this side the Democratic nominee spoke about expanding the economy and economic justice, building quality and universal health care and striding for excellence in all public schools across the commonwealth. Saying there should be no focus on left or right but only a focus on right and wrong and advancing the common interest of the commonwealth, Patrick predicted victory in seven weeks.

Patrick will face Lt. Governor Kerry Healey in the general election and will enter that race as the favorite since he has led most polls in match ups with Healey by an average of 12 points.


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