Monday, October 23, 2006

Race In Indiana's 7th

There is plenty of talk about Democrats winning back control of Congress in two weeks. Dems need 16 seats to win control and polls show they may be on the brink of doing so.

However, what happens if the Democrats win 16 seats, but lose one no one thought would be in play. This could be the case in Indiana's 7th congressional district.

The seat is currently held by 5 term incumbent Julia Carson. The Democrat from Indianapolis was expect to cruise to reelection, but a recent poll shows her down three points with 13% undecided. The number differ quite a bit from survey 6 weeks ago that had her up 22 points over GOP nominee Eric Dickerson with only 10% unsure.

A recent debate between the two generated little in terms of political theater, Dickerson said he was running because "a congressional seat is a terrible thing to waste" and Carson implied she was better than ever, but did viewers she something to make them reconsider Dickerson?

It will be interesting to see how the national parties engage in this race that now seems competitive.