Tuesday, October 17, 2006

LA - We Saw this Coming ...

Times-Picayune reports:

In an extraordinary vote against an incumbent congressman, Louisiana Democratic Party leaders on Saturday endorsed state Rep. Karen Carter of New Orleans for the 2nd District House seat held since 1991 by Rep. William Jefferson, whose campaign for re-election has been hampered by a federal bribery investigation.

In a meeting at the Old State Capitol, the party's state Central Committee voted 69-53 to endorse Carter in the Nov. 7 election after hearing appeals from Carter and Jefferson, the only two candidates who received nominations for the endorsement.

While Carter celebrated the vote as an important statement against unethical behavior, Jefferson lashed out not only at Carter but also at stalwarts of the state Democratic Party establishment, including former U.S. Sens. John Breaux and Bennett Johnston, who Jefferson said were behind Carter's endorsement.


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